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Affirmed Cities

Cape Town, South Africa

The Cape Town Interfaith Initiative (CTII) launched the Charter in Cape Town on Thursday 20th May 2010, to coincide with CTII’s 10th anniversary. Since then, the Charter for Compassion has been endorsed in various houses of worship, organisations and schools.

Compassion Projects

Gur Mouanga, formerly from Congo-Brazzaville, has been leading The Compassion Project to provide food and clothing to some of the poverty stricken townships around the city.

Ons Plek is a shelter to protect girls who were living on the street by providing accommodation, food, and education and love to help them return to a normal life. The Cape Town Interfaith Initiative provides some financial support for this important project.

The Triangle Project directs its efforts to encouraging non-discrimination in Cape Town by educating, lobbying and advocating against harmful stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people.

The Cape Town Interfaith Initiative (CTII) is active in bringing many different religious faiths together in our community. Our Minister Emeritus is currently the leader of this organisation which includes people for Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Baha’i, Muslim and other religious groups.


CTII Council Members forming the Executive Committee

Chairman: James Ellman

Deputy Chairperson: Karen Barensche’

Treasurer: Neville Biggs

Secretary: Colin Leo

Executive: Mary Frost

Executive: Mohammad Kagee

Website: Cape Interfaith

Facebook Page: Cape Interfaith



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