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Affirmed Cities

Groningen, Netherlands

The Dutch Compassion Group in Groningen developed several compassion projects over the last few years.

Food-aid for the poor and a theater program for refugees and people with a psychiatric background helped to make their problems more visible and imagineable for others.

Children played the ‘world-voyage-game’ and learned about other religions and the Golden Rule in other cultures.

The local tourist office sells a melting-pot that positively shows the diversity of the population of Groningen, and a small book was made with greetings in 70 different languages.

In October a workshop will start: Painting with Compassion.

Participants will learn to not judge others so fast and instead put others at the centre.

Young people with different backgrounds will be making a construction and learning how to present themselves in a positive way.

Migrant women will be coached for free

We continue to search for and bring forth new programs that combine compassion and sustainability.



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