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Affirmed Cities

Huntington Beach, CA, USA

A compassionate Huntington Beach is a city that recognizes the benefits of compassionate action. This is achieved by encouraging city leadership and community organizations who are working together to foster compassionate and caring actions.

The Huntington Beach City Council recently endorsed the city's participation in the Cities of Compassion Project.

Huntington Beach has become a City of Compassion. Join us as we both highlight the good works being done throughout the city by non-profits, service groups the faith based community, and the city itself.

Mayor Connie Boardman affirms Huntington Beach a City of Compassion


Compassionate Huntington Beach is involved with many compassionate projects. To see a full calendar of events, visit Compassionate HB


Useful Links

Website: Compassionate HB

Facebook: HB Compassion

Contact email: Connie Boardman or Peggy Price

Original source: Compassionate HB



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