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Affirmed Cities

Lake Forest Park, WA, USA

The community of Lake Forest Park, WA affirmed the Charter for Compassion through an unopposed vote on October 11, 2012.

Lake Forest Park Resolution

City of Lake Forest Park declares LFP a welcoming, inclusive, and safe community
Posted on 10 Mar 2017


Courtesy City of Lake Forest Park

The City of Lake Forest Park passes a resolution declaring Lake Forest Park a welcoming, inclusive, and safe community that serves and protects its residents, regardless of their immigration status, nationality, national origin, race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs, grounded in the principles of the "Charter for Compassion"


In front of a packed council chamber, the Lake Forest Park City Council passed a resolution on Thursday March 9th, declaring Lake Forest Park a welcoming, inclusive and safe community, and making clear the city’s commitment to refrain from inquiring or gathering information about immigration status, or assisting in the enforcement or detention of persons solely for the violation of federal civil immigration laws.

On December 8, 2016, in response to the rhetoric surrounding the November election, the council had passed a resolution reaffirming the city’s commitment to the Charter for Compassion. The Charter is clear in its statements of inclusion and equality.

City residents appreciated the charter and lobbied for a stronger statement to specifically respond to the President’s Executive Order banning immigrants and refugees from several countries. Dozens of residents appeared before council and sent emails urging the council to make a strong statement about our values and declare Lake Forest Park a welcome, inclusive and safe community.

Working with a citizen group, a new resolution was crafted by Deputy Mayor Catherine Stanford and Councilmember Phillippa Kassover, vetted by city attorneys and presented to Council.

Councilmember Kassover, again at the urging of city residents, proposed an amendment to include the LGBT community to the resolution, which passed unanimously.

The final vote on the resolution was 6-1, and was received by the citizens with a standing ovation.

Read the full text of the resolution here.



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