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Mier y Noriega, NL, Mexico

Mier y Noriega is a Municipality of 7095 inhabitants, placed in the State of Nuevo León, with a fertility rate of 4.09 children per woman. 4.69% of the population migrated from outside the State of Nuevo León. 0.66% of the population is indigenous, 0.22% of the inhabitants speak one indigenous language, and 0.00% speak that indigenous language, and Spanish.

85.31% of the inhabitants of Mier y Noriega are Catholic, 40.66% are economically active and, within this active population, 93.63% are employed. Additionally, 72.98% of the dwellings have piped water and 0.57% have Internet access. 



1. Build a hospital in the City Center.
2. Rehabilitate public and sports areas.
3. Rebuild all schools in the municipality.



1. Manage the resources of each dependancy. 
2. Create rehabilitation compaigns and involve all the residents of the municipality.
3. Obtain information about the schools in the area.

In order to carryout the Compassion Campaign, the Secretary of Social Development is looking for human resources to carry out the field work, manage the resources and will take the CIT training. 


Mier y Noriega, Nuevo León, México

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