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Affirmed Cities

Millbrae, CA, USA

As the sixth Compassionate City, Millbrae joined the other municipalities in their journey for more compassion. The project was unanimously approved on July 26, 2011 by the Millbrae City Council. Millbrae has declared its support for a  Compassionate Cities campaign and affirmed the Charter of Compassion. Millbrae is currently working on collecting ideas to create a 10-year Compassionate Cities campaign.

Millbrae’s journey to become a Compassionate City began with the passing of the City of San Carlos’ Mayor, Omar Ahmad. While attending his funeral service, Millbrae Councilmembers learned about Ahmad’s interest in the Compassionate Cities project. Millbrae City staff then contacted the City of San Carlos to learn more about theCharter of Compassionand what the project was all about.

In the summer of 2011, this project was assigned to local Mills High School student and summer intern, Eric Lee, who did research on the topic. Eric drafted a City Council report and resolution which he presented to the City Council at their July 26th meeting. The project was approved by the entire Council.



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