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Rochester, MN, USA

Rochester City Leaders are Working to Make City a Compassionate City

Sep 12, 2017. ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)

Rochester city leaders are working on taking 'Minnesota Nice' to the next level.

Monday the city council's committee of the whole discussed a new resolution declaring Rochester as a Compassionate City. This would mean the city honors compassionate actions and follows the Golden Rule.

It would receive an official designation from a nonprofit organization called Charter for Compassion. 

The designation wouldn't use any city resources, but it would serve as a reminder of the importance of kindness. 

"As it's pointed out virtually every known religion has that theme of one way or another do unto others as you would do to you and we've had the Dali Lama here multiple times and others," said Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede.

The committee decided to vote on the resolution at the next city council meeting a week from Monday. 

About 70 cities worldwide have become Compassionate Cities so far.

Rochester would be the first in Minnesota.


See original source: Rochester City Leaders are Working to Make City a Compassionate City


Rochester, Minnesota Aims to

1. Honor and supporting compassionate thought and action already existing in our community

2. Grow a culture of compassion as a binding force in our community

3. Create opportunities for meaningful multi-generational participation in compassionate actions



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