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Affirmed Cities

Santa Maria, CA, USA

WonHeart Members with Mayor Alice Patino


Santa Maria's Compassion Initiative is sponsored by WonHeart.

The Santa Maria City Council proclaimed our city as part of Charter for Compassion in 2012, 2014 & 2015.

In 2014 we became a community partner and WonHeart created the Agents of Change for young and old to help our city be part of the solution.


What We Believe

WonHeart began from a dedicated group of people who have watched the acts of violence shift our world. We want to change that and are excited to bring a variety of events and new concepts to spark our community. Our first step is to have people sign the Charter for Compassion. It’s easy to do and any age can participate. The second step is to download the Agents of Change created by WonHeart. This is where YOU can start creating more compassion by doing small acts of change. Please join us as we create a movement to transform ourselves first. Only then can we help transform our world.

In much love and appreciation,


The WonHeart Team



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