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Santiago, NL, Mexico

Villa de Santiago is located in the central west region of the State of Nuevo León, located between the Sierra Madre and the Sierra de la Silla, was named in 2006 as one of the Magical Towns of Mexico, which is distinguished by its beautiful landscapes surrounded by majestic mountains of dense pine-oak forests. Something characteristic of this place are its colonial buildings such as the temple of Santiago Apóstol, the Museum of History, and the famous House of Art and Culture.

Very close to the town of Santiago there are natural attractions that receive many visitors during the year such as the Chipitín Canyon or the Horsetail Jump, where the 27-meter-high waterfall that descends from the Sierra Madre Oriental showing the beauty of nature. The Matacanes Canyon and the Cueva de la Boca are other natural attractions worth visiting. It is very common to see visitors enjoying walks on foot, horseback riding, ATV tours or even mountain biking. The climate in Villa de Santiago is between temperate and humid, with a temperature recorded annually of 21 ° C in its lowest part and in the highest areas, it has been recorded at approximately 14 ° C.



Improve the conditions and quality of life of Santiago families through financial and labor inclusion, education, food and health. Reduce inequality, income gaps and opportunity gaps that limit quality of life. Create conditions for the development of capacities of the population to promote greater social cohesion, overcome poverty and its reproduction. Contribute to breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty.



To reduce the amount of social deprivation in the inhabitants of Santiago.


In Citizen Security

To maintain peace and tranquility through a police institution composed of well-trained police, with technological, friendly and certified tools that are respected and recognized by citizens and visitors.



Improve the perception of citizens in terms of security in the municipality to 90%.



Santiago, Nuevo León, Mexico



Santiago Gob



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