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Spokane, WA, USA

Spokane to be designated 'Compassionate City'
City Council puts forth resolution to sign International Charter
Contact: Karen Stratton, Spokane City Councilmember
(Friday, January 29, 2016 at 11:05 a.m.)


City Council has introduced a resolution which calls for the signing of the International Charter for Compassionate Communities. The Charter for Compassion, crafted by world leaders under the sponsorship of the TED Prize winner Dr. Karen Armstrong, seeks to foster compassion, civility and positive civic engagement to communities the world over.

“This designation helps to empower the community to get involved in compassionate work on projects such as the Spokane Gives Initiative” explained Councilmember Stratton, who has worked closely with community groups like the Spokane Interfaith Council to craft the resolution.

The resolution has also been recommended by the Spokane Human Rights Commission and the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Multicultural Affairs.
“Spokane is a compassionate city. We have incredibly active non-profits and dedicated citizen volunteers who work around-the-clock to make Spokane a better place,” said Council President Ben Stuckart. “We are committed, as a City, to receive and maintain this designation. I believe our citizens have earned it.”

Currently, 325 cities, counties, states, provinces, and countries are either organizing to become, or have been recognized as, Compassionate Communities. Thirty U.S. cities have signed CCI’s Charter for Compassion — a requirement for being recognized as a Compassionate Community — including Seattle, Lacey and Lake Forest Park in Washington.


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