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Affirmed Cities

Upland, CA, USA

The Upland council adopted a resolution Monday, 28th of March 2022, stating it will promote and build “healthy, equitable, and resilient communities” and empower children and families to be part of a more compassionate society.

“The City of Upland is a Compassionate Community that aspires to be compassionate and encourage community service to meet the needs of our families, friends, communities, and neighbors,” begins the first section of the resolution.

Upland has developed a “catch them doing something compassionate” program that awards ordinary residents, nonprofit groups, businesses and visitors with certificates for acts of kindness.

The criteria includes: alleviating the suffering of others; honoring the inviolable sanctity of every human being; encouraging positive appreciation and respect of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity; promoting empathy with others; promoting and practicing environmental sustainability; being kind. 


Focus Areas

1.         Citizen apathy

2.         Misinformation

3.         Lack of resources



1.         Continue to nurture and promote public communications, transparency, and engagement by maintaining open government ideals and developing programs/projects that support the constant pursuit of excellence in municipal services, as well as model public sector status.

2.         To assure residents and their families will be safe in their homes and in their neighborhoods.

3.         To ensure an excellent quality of life by facilitating continuous, open dialogue with the City’s civic, non-profit, and faith-based organizations, the business community, residents, and local government



Upland, CA, USA 

Read here the article published on 30th March, 2022





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