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Build Compassionate Communities

Animals, Pets + Well-Being

Policy and Practices
United Nations Sustainability Goals:

  • Improve agricultural systems and raise rural prosperity.
  • Secure biodiversity and ensure good management of water, oceans, forests, and natural resources.

“The World We Want 2015” Priorities:

  • Action Taken on Climate Change
  • Does our community have policies to address the safety and well-being of domestic animals? 
  • How does our community define “animal rights?”  
  • Does our community have policies to protect wildlife species?   
  • Are endangered animals protected? 
  • If animals are hunted in our community, are regulations adequate? 
  • Does our community ensure the humane treatment 
  • of animals being raised for slaughter (chickens, cattle, etc.) or used for entertainment purposes? 
  • Does our community have humane policies and services to address issues of over-population of animals (e.g., kangaroos in urban areas of Australia; feral cats in cities; deer in suburban areas)? 
  • Does the community address issues of human encroachment (e.g., housing developments, highways) on traditional animal territories? 
  • How does the community address noise pollution and its impact on the animal species in the area?

Animal Protection

  • Does our community have facilities for rescue/rehabilitation of wildlife?
  • Are there protected areas for wildlife migration (especially birds)?
  • Does the community maintain spaces (gardens, arboretums, green zones, lakes and ponds) that foster the eco-system in ways that support animal life (including bees, birds)?
  • Are the animals of our community protected against diseases that could affect other animals and humans? 


  • Do local groceries ensure the humane treatment of slaughtered animals that are sold by the grocery?
  • Does the community offer vegan/vegetarian options for eating (e.g., in restaurants, schools)?
  • Do local groceries carry alternatives to meat?


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