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Build Compassionate Communities


Access and Equity

Does our community:

  • Provide quality, non-gender biased education opportunities to both girls and boys (women and men) in K-12 and higher education?
  • Provide affordable early childhood education for all children?
  • Include opportunities for adult education, re-education, and re-training?

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:

  • Ensure effective learning for all children and youth for life and livelihood.

“The World We Want 2015” Priority:

  • A good education


Do our schools and institutions of higher learning:

  • Adhere to an assessable curriculum that will result in students learning how to be responsible local and global citizens?
  • Include recognition of the importance of compassion in mission and vision statements?
  • Integrate compassion education (e.g., compassionate speech, empathy, modeling compassion, values education, character education) throughout the curriculum?
  • Value and teach about cultural differences (e.g, faith, language, values, customs?
  • Encourage involvement in community-based social programs (service learning, internships with local businesses, after school programs in community gardening or other community programs)?
  • Provide programs in the schools where students help one another (e.g., peer mentoring, student-designed programs, older children reading to or tutoring younger children)?
  • Facilitate internships for students with local businesses and social agencies?

Diverse Needs

Do our schools and institutions of higher learning:

  • Provide programs to ensure that students who experience learning disabilities or physical disabilities are treated with compassion?
  • Ensure that students who receive special education services and accommodations have the opportunity to thrive in our educational institutions?
  • Provide for children with “different needs” such as homelessness, social and emotional issues, diverse cultural backgrounds?
  • Provide a safe space for children to report grievances about other children or teachers?

Bullying and Conflict Resolution

Do our schools and/or community:

  • Offer mediation and conflict resolution classes and opportunities?
  • Offer training for teachers in conflict resolution and compassionate discipline?
  • Provide awareness programs and training for both students and teachers to prevent and deal with bullying?
  • Offer a safe and welcoming space to report concerns and grievances?

Literacy and Adult Education

  • What are the literacy rates within our community? 
  • Does our community have programs to increase adult literacy? 
  • What opportunities are there for accessible higher education—community colleges, technical institutes, colleges, universities, and non-traditional education programs sponsored by local businesses--within our community? 
  • Are translation services provided when needed?


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