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Build Compassionate Communities



Does our community have:

  • Adequate (meets standards), affordable housing for all members of the community?
  • A plan for population growth in terms of numbers of housing units, zoning, and services (i.e., water, electricity) to neighborhoods?
  • Adequate services (water, sewer, sanitation, electricity) to support all members of the community?

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Empower inclusive, productive, and resilient cities.
  • Transform governance and technologies for sustainable development.
  • Achieve gender equality, social inclusion, and human rights for all.   


  • Are there policies in place (and are they enforced) to ensure equitable lending to people applying to obtain home mortgages?
  • Are there policies in place (and are they enforced) to ensure that people seeking to rent are not denied housing due to discrimination?

Shelter and Housing for Marginalized Populations

  • What policies and programs serve to provide temporary shelter and long-term housing for the homeless population?
  • What community groups exist to help alleviate suffering around issues of shelter?
  • How does our community ensure against “environmental racism” (low-income or minority communities in proximity to environmentally hazardous or degraded environments, such as toxic waste, pollution and urban decay)?
  • Is adequate shelter available in our community for marginalized groups?

Are evaluations and compliance reviews conducted regularly?  Are there peer-to-peer resources available?

  • Released prison inmates
  • Sex offenders
  • Mentally ill
  • Physically, developmentally, or emotionally disabled
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Immigrants
  • Migrant workers
  • People recovering from addictions or illnesses
  • Orphans and other “street kids”
  • Elderly poor


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