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Calgary, AB, Canada

The Unitarian Church of Calgary is a recognized Compassion Charter Partner.

We come together in beloved community, guided by our Unitarian Universalist principles and sources, to grow in wisdom, welcome and deepen relationships, and act for a just and sustainable world.

You’re Welcome Here! We welcome everyone regardless of age, race, ability, gender identity or sexual or theological orientation.

Visit The Unitarians Calgary website.


Compassion Exchange

This Unitarian Church of Calgary initiative connects those who need assistance (Wishers) with those willing to provide such services on an as-needed and as-available basis (Gifters). Based on a model from Westwood Unitarian Church in Edmonton, the Compassion Exchange matches those willing to provide services in a specific area with those who request such services.


Your caring team has identified six areas in which congregants may request or provide services:

  • Listeners. Those willing to listen to a member or friend sort through a troubling issue or dilemma, e.g. someone contemplating a big change or decision.
  • Phone Friends. Those willing to call congregants and friends who may require services on a regular basis to check in with them and see what services they may need, e.g. those who may need transport or handi-helpers on a regular basis. This is a perfect way for those who may not be able to get around easily to still engage compassionately with members of our community.
  • Nourishers. Those willing to prepare a soup or meal for member(s) or friend(s) in difficult circumstances, to prepare food for the casserole ministry, or to take an item from the casserole ministry to a member or friend in need, e.g. a family or individual suffering a loss or serious family illness.
  • Transporters. Those willing to drive/accompany someone to an appointment, deliver nourishment, or bring to church for a service or other program, e.g. to a homebound person going through trying times.
  • Visitors. Those willing to visit a care facility or at home, e.g. bring news of UCC and check-in for the well-being of a member or friend.
  • Handi-helpers. Those willing to complete simple household tasks such as moving items or changing light bulbs or to provide advice in case of repair.
  • Gifters are those willing to provide services in any of these six areas. They will be contacted when a request in the category they have volunteered in is received. They will not be required to respond to every request, only to those requests that fit with their time and abilities.
  • Wishers are those requesting services. There is no obligation to be a Wisher, and you may make as many wishes as needed to meet your needs.


To register as a Gifter or a Wisher: email your wish or your offer to provide a gift to Compassion Exchange.



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