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List of Cities E-H

Ghaziabad, India

Focus Areas

  1. Ghaziabad is a crime infested city. We aim to empower people to cultivate peace and compassion by promoting the practice of meditation.
  2. It is important that people feel resourceful and well connected such that they can empower each other. We aim to build a robust community of learners and mentors.
  3. We also aim to save and conserve water, it already being a scant resource in our region.



As School community, we will strive to fulfill our objectives of

  • Promoting meditation
  • Increasing resourcefulness and well-being by building connections
  • Initiating and leading a city wide water conservation drive


We will strive to achieve these goals through our students, teachers, parents, alumni, and other schools in the city, as well as the civic bodies.



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