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Glastonbury, United Kingdom

The Charter for Compassion International is sponsored by the Sea of Faith in Glastonbury, UK.


Sea of Faith Vision Statement

'The Sea Of Faith' is a network of groups and individuals understanding religion as humanly created to give meaning to life, and faith as inseparable from human kindness, each with the power to inspire compassion.


Sea of Faith Activity Statement

The 'Sea Of Faith Network' holds annual conferences, meets regularly in local groups, publishes a quarterly magazine ('Sofia'), and maintains a website, SOFN - Sea of Faith Network, to explore and promote the contemporary value of faith and religion as human creations which, at their best, lead to compassion and human kindness.


The Sea of Faith Network's support for and promotion of the Charter for Compassion

  1. This SOFN web page publicises the Charter and has links to the 'Charter for Compassion' website.
  2. Our official magazine, 'sofia', explicitly promotes human kindness on the contents page of every issue with the following words:

    "Sofia does not think wisdom is dispensed supernaturally from on high, but that it can only be sought by humans at home on Earth, and is inseparable from human kindness."
  3. We recommended that in their monthly meetings, our local regional groups should study Karen Armstrong's book, "Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life" and put them into practice, collectively and individually. Many of our regional groups did that during the last two years. An example is the Croydon group in South London, who did so, chapter by chapter, between 21 April 2011 and 24 February 2012.
  4. The SOFN board of Trustees voted (nearly two years ago) to explicitly include the words 'compassion' and 'human kindness' in our Vision Statement and our Activity Statement (see above for the printed statements)
  5. We continue to support the' Charter for Compassion' in an ongoing ad-hoc manner, as the opportunity arises in our regular activities and writings.
  6. An example of two of our Members explicitly promoting compassion or "a kind society" on BBC1 television's 'Big Questions'. Note Dinah Livingstone from 3.20 on: "Jesus taught the coming on earth of the kingdom of God, that is, a kind society...." "When we realize there is no supernatural divine power to bring about that noble ideal of a kind society we realize that we have to try and do it ourselves. So I would say, being a Christian means being committed to what Jesus called 'the Kingdom of God', that is, human kindness...." "...the kingdom of God is a kind society."


See original source at:

Sea of Faith Network - The Charter For Compassion & the Sea of Faith



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