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List of Cities I-L

A W.I.S.H.

(A World Institute For a Sustainable Humanity)

Kathmandu, Nepal

A W.I.S.H.

A W.I.S.H.: To promote sustainable development, efficient management of natural resources, and environmental protection through institutional strengthening, training workshops, fund-raising for environmental projects, and the facilitation of information exchanges between all levels of government, NGOs, private and state run companies, academia, and the general public, in order to foster democratic decision-making.

The goal of the organization is to ensure a sustainable quality of life for residents in Nepal, particularly, and across the region in South Asia. To reach this goal, Social Ecology Defense promotes conservation and preservation through voluntary and cooperative stewardship by individuals, communities, and economic enterprises.

The organization directs its efforts at all fronts – environmental quality, resource management, public health, economic and cultural development. Humans both benefit from the productivity of and pose the greatest threat to health and sustainability. The organization's belief is that only through awareness, understanding, and stewardship can natural resources be conserved and nurtured for the benefit of future generations. We believe that greater and more strategic participation in the democratic process is the key to environmental progress.

With a focus on integration and sustainability and a multi-track approach, we will work on projects pertaining to globalism, including politics and governance, hydropower and major development efforts of funding agencies, as a watchdog to specific carbon control projects. We will be particularly interested in green roofs, reforestation, cooperatives for the poor as micro credits, youths and development, health, water supply, sanitation, and irrigation, and product development.

We also concentrate on projects that could strengthen the bureaucracy and control corruption of the country by conducting workshops in conflict management and democracy, both in urban and rural areas.



Katmandu, Nepal



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