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Compassionate Pakistan

The Charter for Compassion Pakistan is a cooperative effort to restore not only compassionate thinking but, more importantly, compassionate action as the center of our lives. Charter for Compassion Society of Pakistan (CfC) aims to create a vibrant, peaceful, and compassionate society through the creation of innovative programs, education, and training on compassionate thought and action. Our programs, tools, and activities allow our stakeholders and partners the opportunity to explore the value of collaboration, empathy, and compassion within their own respective entities, and institutionalize these positive changes across all sections of society. We believe that when all and various compassionate action projects and interventions are initiated simultaneously all across the city, a Compassionate City begins to emerge. In a Compassionate Karachi, there would be Compassionate Schools, Compassionate Businesses, Compassionate Healthcare, Compassionate Sports and many more initiatives where the civil society would interact with each other as altruistic beings.

The following initiatives taken by Charter for Compassion Pakistan are the first steps in making Karachi a more compassionate city for generations to come: 

  • Charter for Compassion Pakistan 
  • Charter for Compassion Global ( 
  • Education: The Compassionate School Network (
  • Mumkin –Women Empowerment Initiative
  • Business: The Compassionate Business Group (
  • Health: Compassion in Healthcare 
  • Compassionate Sports: Compassionate Cricket Camp 
  • Compassionate Karachi (



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