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Medina, WA, USA

Medina is a small community, near Seattle and Bellevue, Washington.

Many Medina residents are concerned for the future, and wanting to take action locally to ensure that Medina is a compassionate, tolerant, inclusive community. The Compassionate Cities initiative is one tool we can use to partner City Council and staff with our community for inclusivity -- for women, for voters from all parties, for people of all ages, ethnicities and religions, for immigrants, for LGBTQ, for transgender, and for people of all abilities. As they say, diversity is a fact; inclusion is a choice. We have asked the City Manager and the City Council to support Medina signing on to become a Compassionate City and Community, through the Charter for Compassion, in partnership with our community members.

The process will be carried out by bringing together a diverse and inclusive coalition of community members who want to be involved, to identify specific issues and compassion-driven actions that can bring compassion to life in Medina.

This is an international initiative, and the Washington cities that have already affirmed the Charter include Seattle, Spokane, Lacey, and Lake Forest Park.

If you would like to help lead or take part, we welcome you -- please email us.


Visit our website Medina-WA Gov.



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