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List of Cities M-Q

Pasadena, CA, USA

Focus Areas

  1. Safety and Justice
  2. Making the conversation of climate change and substaniability more engaging to black and brown communities
  3. Create more physically and emotionally safe spaces for those who are deprived of food and shelter.



  1. Our goal for safety and justice is to support right relations with Pasadena's Peace Officers, government officials and the community, particular those coming from underserved neighborhoods.
  2. Facilitate "compassionate conversations" that educate and help minimized the effects of climate change within the city of Pasadena, particularly with people of color.
  3. Create safe spaces for who are experiencing severe finacial hardships, and trauma by inviting them to be more active in community gatherings. Such as yoga in the park, and volunteering at local community gardens, where they can also benefit from the fruits of their labor.



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