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Pocatello, ID, USA

Leading the compassionate campaign is Virginia Kelly, a retired teacher serving on The Human Relations Advisory Committee for the City of Pocatello. She became acquainted with the Charter through The Parliament For World Religions.

July, 2015, the Council reported to the City Council the last years activities and accomplishments. Within this report Virginia shared our interest in the Charter of Compassion and asked for their endorsement. This will be determined at a future date.

Several groups within the city have already endorsed the Charter which our members have contacted: Portneuf Valley Interfaith Fellowship, Too Great for Hate, Trinity Episcopal Church, Congregational Church, and the NAACP. Others are in the process waiting for the approval of their various boards.


Contact: Virginia Kelly at her email

Charter presented to council: City of Pocatello, Idaho City Council Study Session

Charter for Compassion Sponsorship:

Portneuf Valley Interfaith Fellowship


Trinity Episcopal Church



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