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Build Compassionate Communities

What Makes a Compassionate City?

Charter for Compassion and Excellence Reporter Collaborate on a New Project

The Charter for Compassion is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the “What is the Meaning of Life” project and Nicolae Tanase, its founder, and Dr. Lesa Walker, founder of the Compassionate Austin movement. The Project is titled, “What makes a compassionate city?” You don’t have to be a part of a Charter Compassionate City initiative to participate. We want all Charter members to consider being a part of this informative project. Visit the Excellence Reporter website to see how dynamic past projects have been. You might also want to see Nicolae Tanase’s book What is the Meaning of Life? You’ll find interviews with leaders, thinkers, writers, laymen and people from all walks of life.

Would you be willing to contribute your thoughts to the Compassionate City Project? The process is very simple. Write down your insight on the following questions:

  • What makes a compassionate city/community?
  • How do you personally measure compassion?
  • What do you do to contribute to creating a more compassionate community and world?
  • Where is compassion needed in your city? Where does it exist?
  • If your city was one of compassion, what would that look like? What is your idea of a compassionate city?

Email your responses back to Nicolae Tanase along with your consent. You may want to view the Privacy Policy of the Excellence Reporter and then simply write a statement that you are willing to have your photo and writing published on line. Include a high resolution jpeg or tiff (photo of you), a short bio, and the name (location) of your city/community, e.g. Austin, Texas, USA. Entries should be between 250-900 words.

Your response will be published online at Excellence Reporter. There are plans to publish a book of the responses received in the future. The world needs your insight, vision, wit and help on “What makes a compassionate city?”


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