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Build Compassionate Communities

Youth Empowerment

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

Programs and Services

  • What programs, facilities, activities, and services are available to support the well-being of the youth of our community? 
  • Does our community educate adults to “take youth seriously”, to listen, to invite youth to the table, to treat each other with compassion and respect? 
  • Does our community (and schools) address bullying and cyber-bullying? 
  • Does our community provide mentoring programs for youth?  Confidential counseling programs? 


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Ensure effective learning for all children and youth for life and livelihood.
  • Achieve gender equality, social inclusion, and human rights for all.
  • Empower inclusive, productive, and resilient cities.


“The World We Want 2015” Priorities:

  • A Good Education
  • Equality Between Men and Women
  • Political Freedoms
  • Freedom from Discrimination and Persecution


Participation and Leadership

Does our community: 

  • Have opportunities for youth to provide input by participating in discussion and decision-making?
  • Have training for youth to advocate for themselves (interpersonal, speaking, writing, media)?
  • Encourage discussion to identify societal and cultural values?
  • Have groups to advocate for disabled, homeless, LGBT, immigrant or migrant, incarcerated or institutionalized youth?
  • Provide leadership training and guidance for youth?
  • Encourage and provide youth with opportunities to develop their own programs and solutions?


Youth and Compassion

  • What role can the youth of our community play in contributing to the global compassion movement—here in our community and beyond? 
  • Does our community support families in becoming more compassionate? 
  • Do the sports programs in our community operate with compassion and promote cooperation?



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