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Support Kids

Support Kids


Letter to Kids

Dear Kids,

Do you know that you can make people smile? 

When you share with others, whether it is your toys, taking turns when playing games or even sharing your snack, you probably feel good and so do they.

When you are kind to your friends, they feel happy and they will want to be kind to you too. And when you're kind to animals, they will trust you and feel safe around you.

Just like you, other people and animals can feel sad, happy, or scared. When we are kind to them, we make their lives better and create a world full of love and happiness.  Being kind is easy to do.  

Can you add to this list of kind things to do? 

Share something. 

Say please and thank you. 

Help someone when you see they need help—open a door, help carry a bag, make certain your animal has food and water. 

Pet animals gently and softly. 

Hug someone who is feeling sad. 

Help water plants and trees when they look droopy.

Just think how often you can make others happy. When you make others happy, you’ll be happy as well. Being kind to others makes you a very special person.

Think being kind.  Make yourself and the world around you a happier place to be. Make others smile. SIGN the letter.

Your friends at the Charter for Compassion.


We Are All Flowers


Take a Look Below

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