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Who We Are

GoldenRuleism Booklet

Do for all others, both directly and indirectly, what you would want done for you. Don’t do to any others, either directly or indirectly, what you wouldn’t want done to you.

GoldenRuleism rises from the expanded application of the moral and ethical precept most widely embraced by the majority of humanity. Many of us know it as The Golden Rule. Though The Golden Rule is generally rooted in the world’s major religions, anyone can choose to live by it. Our Number One Rule has universal applicability. Simply said, when we choose to live our lives in accord with the intent of The Golden Rule, we adopt sets of morals and ethics to guide us. They relate to what we internalize as “right” and “wrong” conduct.


Actions to Take

Review some of the suggested practices and actions you can take. Here are just a couple to consider:

  • Always find some time to make a phone call, or even better, send a personal note to commend someone for “doing right," and, in the moment, 
  • Muster the courage to ask someone to desist from “doing wrong.”


The GoldenRuleism booklet was written by someone who believes in the mission and work of the Charter for Compassion. If you feel similarly, please be sure to share the PDF with everyone in your personal sphere of family, friends, and extended networks.

Let’s promote GoldenRuleism each day, every day, during the campaign and beyond. Start small with acts of kindness, be consistent with your practice, and see how it grows within yourself and through others.



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