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Youth Committee

Youth Committee

Youth Committee

Image by Maria Thalassinou on Unsplash



The Charter for Compassion Global Youth Network serves as a connection hub for youth engaged in movements of compassion in the world, as well as the 12 sectors of the Charter for Compassion: Education, Environment, Restorative Justice, Peace, Social Services, Gender Partnerships, Health, Science & Research, Social Justice, Arts, Business, and RISE - Religion Interfaith Spirituality for Everyone.

We aim to collaborate with and strengthen youth networks across the world. We aspire for our network to have diverse representation, with a strong commitment to youth empowerment and compassion, and align with the mission and vision of the Charter for Compassion.


The Charter for Compassion Youth Network is led by an advisory youth committee with members from around the world who work with UNESCO HQMontessori Model United NationsUnited Religions Initiatives - view the full list of organizations affiliated with the youth committee.

Partners and members of this network have the opportunity to connect with other youth change-makers and thought leaders, and participate in dialogue, programs, capacity building workshops, trainings and conferences that empower young people and equip them with skills and tools for compassionate advocacy and actions.

Activating the voice of youth across the world, and creating programs that highlight the benefits of interacting with global systems from a human values perspective is one of the foundational tenets of the youth network.

It is imperative to recognise that the youth have a paramount role to play in actualising and promoting compassion as a skill to enhance our efforts to coexist in a world where compassion is the norm and not the exception.

We believe in the integrity of collectively working towards this purpose, and in it holding valuable potential for creating beneficial change at the grassroots level, further transcending into the fabric of our social, cultural, political, and environmental missions.



Our mission is to inspire, promote, and support the participation of young people in compassionate actions worldwide.



We aim to create and facilitate catalysts of change through implementing youth focused initiatives that empower young people, leaders, and activists to become compassionate agents of change in their communities and beyond.



  • Equip Youth with Skills: Present young individuals with the opportunity to participate in capacity building workshops and trainings to further cultivate skills of social, emotional, and ethical learning. These skills will position youth to act with discernment and emotional intelligence in sustainable actions at the grassroots level which are informed by a global systems perspective that honour the intersectionality of issues culminating to global challenges.
  • Empower Youth: Present young individuals with an opportunity to receive knowledge and wisdom from global youth change-makers and thought leaders, empowering them to cultivate and uphold agency for the change they wish to see in the world.
  • Provide a Platform for Youth Led Dialogue: Encourage participation from global youth in dialogue and discussions that entail diverse youth perspectives on global issues.
  • Global Youth Networking & Collaboration: Present young individuals with an opportunity to foster global partnerships to collaborate their efforts.
  • Inspire and Promote Global Youth Participation in Compassionate Actions
  • Spotlight Global Youth involved in Compassionate Work
  • Create and Facilitate Catalysts of Change for a more Compassionate World



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