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Americans Who Tell the Truth

Americans Who Tell the Truth

Americans Who Tell the Truth

Exhibit Portraits: Robert Shetterly

A Joint Exhibit 

Americans Who Tell the Truth and 

Voices Education Project

Portraits and Words of Notable Americans


Americans Who Tell the Truth is a series of portraits of Americans who have helped transform American ideals into reality, challenged injustices and forged news ways of addressing once accepted acts, such as war, as horrific processes that do not result in the greater good. Today, over one hundred portraits have been painted by New England artist, Robert Shetterly. This exhibit contains half that number. To learn more about the artist and the Americans Who Tell the Truth series visit their website.

Each portrait in the exhibit contains the original quote that Robert Shetterly incorporated into the work of art. In addition, all portraits contain a biography of the individual, and most offer additional quotes. Following the portraits is an artist statement by Robert Shetterly and a biography. Curriculum ideas are also contained at the end of the exhibit, as well as directions on how to obtain products offered through the Americans Who Tell the Truth organization, and information on how to bring the exhibition to your community, in its entirety or as selected pieces.



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