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Online Exhibits

Online Exhibits

Online Exhibits

Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

The very first on-line exhibit that appeared on this site presented an exhibition of a trip made to Poland the summer of 2010 by three individuals: Ben and Fay Krokower and Marilyn Turkovich. Each of the three had personal reasons for traveling to Poland.  Much of what was done and seen, apart from being tourists for a portion of the time, was to travel back in time to World War II.  Though more than a thousand pictures were taken during the trip, only several dozen appear in this exhibit.  Some were converted to black and white since it seemed a travesty to show them in color.  The on-line exhibit is divided into three parts: Uprising, Holocaust and Remembrance, with a special part documenting the Krokower’s search for the family that was lost during the Holocaust.  Street art is used throughout the exhibit.

"Green Beach" is the cover of her on-line exhibit, Mapping the Silence. The exhibit tells the story of Beverly's father who was a part of the North African Campaign during World War II, but who never shared his story of war with his family.  Through extensive research and family interviews, Beverly managed to piece her father's story together by creating a series of paintings and sculpture.  She graduated with a Bachelor of arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a master's degree of arts with honors from California College of Arts. She was a creative, talented, and accomplished artist who had art exhibits in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle, to name a few. She left this world a better place because of her artwork and her active role in society. Beverly was a very passionate and supportive of women's rights and all people's rights to live their lives free from sexism and racism. She was a very fun-loving, compassionate, independent person who believed in herself.

Americans Who Tell the Truth is a series of portraits of Americans who have helped transform American ideals into reality, challenged injustices and forged news ways of addressing once accepted acts, such as war, as horrific processes that do not result in the greater good.  Today, over two hundred and fifty portraits have been painted by New England artist, Robert Shetterly. This exhibit contains just a portion of Shetterly’s work.  To learn more about the artist and the Americans Who Tell the Truth series visit their website.

In addition, in this section you will find additional exhibits that combine story telling with other art forms.  It is our hope to continue to create on-line exhibitions on these pages.  As with all sector materials, we welcome your suggestions and involvement to include new work.

Note: This section is being created as we migrate from our old website.  We hope to have these on-line exhibits ready for your viewing by the end of September 2023 along with a new exhibit by ZaHaVa Sherez, entitled InBodied Light.


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