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Acknowledgements for Poland: Uprising, Holocaust and Remembrance


Acknowledgements for Poland: Uprising, Holocaust and Remembrance

This on-line exhibition is a collection of pictures, poetry and narrative to commemorate the journey of Fay Krokower, Ben Krokower and Marilyn Turkovich to Poland 2010.  Primary cities visited during the trip were: Warsaw, Łódź, Wrocław, Kraków and Lublin. 

The picture above features Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, Krakow.  The administrative building of the factory is now a Holocaust museum.  The factory had been seized from a Jewish owner, Nathan Wurzel and renamed Deutsche Emaillewaren-Fabrik.  It was in Schindler’s office that the idea of rescuing Jews began, and the collective of names called Schindler’s list.

Historical photographs used in this book were taken from displays at the Oskar Schindler Museum in Krakow.

Our introduction to Poland, and all of the sites visited, including our introduction to research was carefully designed by Marta Chmielowska and Czeslaw Chmielowski. 

Maciej Martyniuk, a writer and true observer of history, originally from Lublin helped us with our visit to Warsaw.

Beata Paprocka, literature professor was our interpreter to Kraków.

Magda Pokrzycka, writer and journalist introduced us to the people of Teatr NN and helped us locate all important places in Lublin.



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