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The Reason for the Exhibition


The Reason for the Exhibition

Photos in this section were taken from a temporary public mural located on the edge of  the “Old Town” in Warsaw, June 2010

This exhibition is a remembrance of a trip made to Poland the summer of 2010 by three individuals.  Each of the three had personal reasons for traveling to Poland.  Much of what was done and seen, apart from being tourists for a portion of the time, was to travel back in time to World War II.  Though more than a thousand pictures were taken during the trip, only several dozen appear in this exhibit.  Some were converted to black and white since it seemed a travesty to show them in color.  The on-line exhibit is divided into three parts: Uprising, Holocaust and Remembrance, with a special part documenting one family's search for its roots. 

Half of all Jews, 6,000,000, exterminated during World War II had their lives ended in Poland.  Added to that 3 million, another 3 million non-Jewish Poles were killed.  Poland had the highest European percentage of dead when the war ended, close to 20% of its entire population. 



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