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Seda: Voices of Iran

BCE 5100-1300

5100 BCE  The world's oldest wine found at a Neolithic village site in Iran

3800 BCE  The first bronze is smelted at Tepe Yahya (Western Iran)

2900 BCE  First known use of cuneiform script.

2860 BCE  Gilgamesh is crowned king of Uruk.

2334 BCE  Sargon conquers Mesopotamia.

2250 BCE  The development of the composite bow, it is able to penetrate leather armor and has twice the range of simple bows.

2060 BCE  The re-unification of Egypt making the beginning of what is nowcalled the Middle Kingdom. Ur is sacked by the Elamites.

2000 BCE  Knossos is founded by the Minoans in Crete.

1975 BCE  The Egyptians conquer Nubia.

1800 BCE  Aryan migration from Southern Russia to Near East.

1304 BCE  Ramesses II is crowned the king of Egypt.

1300 BCE  Hittites first use of iron for weapon


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