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Seda: Voices of Iran


Iran’s Gas Imports and Exports

Proven reserves - 28.1 trillion cubic m (15.5% of world total)

Production - 105bn cu m (3.7%)

Consumption - 105.1bn cu m (3.7%)

As the world's fourth-highest oil and gas producer, Iran enjoys good economic growth, but commentators fear it is too reliant on its oil revenues.  They account for 80% of its export earnings, yet a lack of domestic refining capacity means it imports around 40% of its petrol.  Much of Iran's oil income is used to fund public spending and subsidies.

The Internaitonal Monetary Fund estimates that energy subsidies amount to about 17.5% of its gross domestic product in a country that has some of the cheapest petrol in the world - and fuel rationing.

And while the country boasts the biggest reserves of natural gas in the Middle East (and second only to Russia globally), its consumption is also markedly high, behind only the US and Russia.



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