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Interesting Articles

Interesting Articles

Interesting Articles

Art by ZaHaVa Sherez


At the Charter for Compassion, we celebrate the arts as expressions of our humanity, and we are interested in how the arts can become a language that can reach across cultures to connect us. The work of artists encourages us to see different realities, to understand, and to empathize with one another. Art—in clay, in paint, in textiles, in film, in words, in photography, in music—invites us to respond from our inner core and sometimes to act on that response.

The creators of art and those who experience the arts in seeing, hearing, thinking, and doing, participate in a collaboration that can connect us to other human beings at a profound level. We learn of the pain, the dreams, the regrets, and the perceptions of people who have lived before us, people who live in distant parts of the globe, and people who have their own unique languages, customs, religious beliefs, and social values. That knowledge ignites understanding, empathy, and a realization of the common humanity we share. It is that image of our interconnection with all beings who share our beautiful planet that can also move us to compassionate action.

The articles below are notable in their own rights and may be consulted to help illuminate topics that are central to the themes of compassion in the arts.  Following these primary articles are others that reflect three topics on compassion and the arts.

  • "Compassion in the Creative Process: Reflections on Artistic Practice" by Anna Westin: This article discusses how compassion can influence the creative process and the resulting artistic works. It examines the role of empathy, understanding, and connection in fostering creativity and explores how artists can infuse their work with compassion.
  • "The Compassionate Mind: A Model for Artistic Creation" by Lisa Heineman Pieper: This article explores the connection between compassion and artistic creation. It discusses how artists can cultivate a compassionate mindset to enhance their creative process and produce work that evokes empathy and understanding in viewers.
  • "The Artist's Compassionate Journey: Creativity as a Path to Self-Compassion and Healing" by Jan Phillips: This article delves into the relationship between creativity, self-compassion, and healing. It explores how the act of creating can be a transformative process that allows artists to cultivate self-compassion and use their work to inspire compassion in others.
  • "Compassion in Artistic Expression: Understanding and Cultivating Empathy in the Creative Process" by Emma Curtis: This article discusses the role of empathy and compassion in artistic expression. It explores how artists can tap into their capacity for empathy to create work that resonates with audiences and fosters understanding and connection.
  • "The Intersection of Compassion and Creativity: Exploring the Impact of Compassionate Practices on the Creative Process" by Jessica Lee: This article examines how compassionate practices can enhance the creative process. It explores techniques and strategies that artists can employ to cultivate compassion within themselves, resulting in more empathetic and impactful artistic outcomes.


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