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Compassionate Children

How to Cultivate Compassion for a Flawed Parent by Loving Yourself


Start Date: February 24, 2020

Duration: 4 weeks

Registration Opens: February 3, 2020

Cost: $30


There are those around us who grew up with wonderful parents, but there are also those of us who did not. This course was created specifically for the latter. Your parental figures were not the ones you would have chosen for yourselves. You may have survived abuse, rejection, abandonment or neglect. You may still blame them or carry your own guilt and shame to this day. However, there is hope. There is a way to cultivate compassion for yourself as well as your flawed parent. This course is designed to help you understand how to love yourself regardless of the relationship you have or had with them. It will also assist in showing you how to come to accept and honor your parents without putting yourself at risk of any further disappointment or pain. Reclaim your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and live in peace with the parents you were entrusted to.


Week 1: Introduction

Section 1: You cannot change someone who does not want to change

  • Lecture 1: To change or not to change
  • Lecture 2: Let me count the ways
  • Lecture 3: Dare I ask?


Week 2: Section 2: See your parent for who they really are

  • Lecture 1: Do you see what I see?
  • Lecture 2: The “nice-nasty” list
  • Lecture 3: Growing up with “Mommy Dearest” and Dr. Jekyll


Section 3: Let go of the parent you wish you had

  • Lecture 1: Let it go
  • Lecture 2: It’s not me…it’s you
  • Lecture 3: Is adoption still an option?


Week 3: Section 4: Decide what kind of relationship you can have with the parent you were dealt

  • Lecture 1: Decisions…decisions
  • Lecture 2: Pick your poison
  • Lecture 3: It’s not selfish…it’s self-care


Section 5: Know, understand, set and keep your boundaries

  • Lecture 1: Parents need boundaries too!
  • Lecture 2: A line in the sand
  • Lecture 3: Consequences and Repercussions


Week 4: Section 6: Do your emotional work

  • Lecture 1: My first love
  • Lecture 2: The best thing you never had
  • Lecture 3: The first step to freedom

About the Instructor

Soneakqua White, M.A., LPC has been in the mental health field for the past fourteen years.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Child Development and Family and Consumer Sciences from Baylor University in 1998. She completed a Master of Arts in Counseling from Amberton University in 2002.  Her credential as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) was granted by the Texas State Board of Examiners in January 2006.  She received the certification to supervise counseling interns in 2008.

Soneakqua opened At the Table Counseling as a part time psychotherapeutic private practice in April 2009 and successfully transitioned into the practice full time in April 2011.  She currently serves adults dealing with issues ranging from the need for behavior modification to severe depression and anxiety.  Soneakqua was certified by the Cooper Institute in 2016 as a Personal Trainer and has implemented a wellness program into her practice.  This aids her in better assisting her clients who deal with weight management concerns alongside the mental health difficulties. If you asked Soneakqua about her favorite clientele to work with she would excitedly admit that she loves counseling and coaching with creatives and clergy.

To ensure that she reaches more than those who are to visit her office, Soneakqua is also the author of four books.  Her first novel, A Time to Heal released in September of 2017, followed by Red Flag! in July 2018, Writing is Life hit the market in September 2018. Her first online course Working Through Mommy Issues is now available along with the workbook that accompanies it. Soneakqua intends to keep writing, counseling and coaching until she has nothing else to say or she works herself out of a job!



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