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Rick Hanson: Grief and Loss

Start Date: February 12, 2024
Duration: 4 weeks
Tuition: $40.00 - The course is normally offered at $299 but CEI students pay $40.00,
Enter this coupon code when registering: CEI-GL40. This will change the price to $40.00

Registration: NOW OPEN!

Course Description

Growing Inner Strengths for Coping, Healing and Growing

We all face losses – from separations and disappointments to shocking, even traumatic events.  Join Dr Rick Hanson, New York Times’ bestselling author and psychologist as he takes you through powerful practices that help us bear the unbearable, and in natural ways move forward, heal and find happiness again.  In this self-paced course, Rick helps you sooth emotional pain, find perspective and meaning, mend what you can, and hold whatever has happened with acceptance and self-compassion.

Course Method of Delivery

  • 6 hours of pre-recorded video teachings and guided practices that you can watch at your own pace and revisit any time
  • Work sheets you can download and print out
  • 4 weeks of emails guidance – receive weekly emails to guide you through the program one step at a time  

Course Outline

In this helpful, heartfelt course you will explore: 

  • The easing of the heart that comes from simply naming and accepting your losses
  • How to hold painful experiences with acceptance, mindfulness and self-compassion
  • Perspectives on specific issues, such as rumination, guilt, illness and injustice
  • Skillful ways to release painful thoughts and feelings and open to new possibilities
  • Appreciating and feeling nurtured by what is still good
  • Finding a tender kindness for  yourself amidst all that hurts

When you find something useful in this program, apply it in everyday life, because as you engage these practices, you will hardwire their benefits increasingly in your own nervous system and have them with you wherever you go.   

About Rick Hanson

IMG-3947Rick Hanson, Ph.D, is a psychologist,Senior Fellow at UC Berkley's Greater Good Science Center, and New York Times best-selling author. His books are available in 31 languages - with over a million copies in English alone. He has lectured at NASA, Google, Oxford and Harvard. He has taught in meditation centers worldwide and been featured on the BBC, CBS, NPR and other major media.

Visit Rick Hanson’s website


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