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Men + Boys



Create a more inclusive and equitable society where men and boys actively contribute to the advancement of gender equality and partnership building.



We envision a world in which all men and boys embody their fullest potential and embrace passion as a pathway to comPASSION.



  1. Promoting Gender Equality: The overarching goal is to promote gender equality and challenge harmful gender norms and stereotypes that perpetuate inequalities between men and women.
  2. Engaging Men and Boys: Encouraging men and boys to actively participate in conversations around gender equity, challenging traditional masculine norms, and fostering respectful and equal partnerships.
  3. Addressing Root Causes: Identifying and addressing the root causes of gender inequality, such as patriarchal systems, socialization processes, and harmful cultural practices that reinforce gender disparities.
  4. Building Partnerships: Fostering collaborative partnerships among individuals, organizations, and communities to work towards gender equity, recognizing that achieving equality requires collective effort.



  1. Education and Awareness: Promote educational initiatives that raise awareness about gender inequality, its impact on individuals and society, and the benefits of embracing gender equity for men themselves.
  2. Challenging Gender Norms: Encourage men and boys to challenge traditional gender norms and stereotypes that limit their own potential and contribute to gender inequality. This can involve promoting diverse representations of masculinity and highlighting the benefits of equality.
  3. Engaging Men as Allies: Engage men as allies in the gender equality movement by encouraging them to actively support and advocate for women's rights, participate in campaigns, and use their influence to promote gender equity.
  4. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Foster empathy and emotional intelligence among men and boys, encouraging them to develop healthy emotional skills, express themselves, and build nurturing and respectful relationships.
  5. Positive Role Models: Highlight positive male role models who demonstrate inclusive attitudes, respect for women, and active participation in promoting gender equality.
  6. Mentorship and Peer Support: Establish mentorship programs and peer support networks where men can learn from one another, share experiences, challenge harmful behaviors, and support each other in adopting more equitable practices.
  7. Policy and Institutional Changes: Advocate for policy changes that promote gender equity in various domains, such as education, healthcare, workplace, and family law. This includes addressing issues like paternity leave, equal pay, and inclusive gender policies.
  8. Collaboration with Women's Movements: Collaborate with women's rights organizations and movements to ensure that efforts to promote gender equity involve both men and women working together as partners.
  9. Community Engagement: Engage communities and grassroots organizations in discussions and activities focused on gender equity, including workshops, awareness campaigns, and community dialogues.
  10. Evaluation and Accountability: Regularly evaluate the impact of interventions and initiatives, and hold individuals and institutions accountable for their commitment to gender equity.


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