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Issue Statements on Women and Children from the United Nation

Women's Rights are Human Rights (Amnesty International)

Women's rights are an essential component of universal human rights.

They reflect the fact that men and women have very different experiences - and the fact that women and girls often face gender-based discrimination that puts them at increased risk of poverty, violence, ill health and a poor education. Amnesty International's women's rights work encompasses a range of human rights as they relate to the equity needs of women, working at once to advance new rights and opportunities for all women and to combat the abuses of specific groups of women and girls.

We work to advance U.S. ratification of the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), an international treaty ratified by most countries to enshrine a universal approach to women's rights. Our work is both global and local—at the same time, we combat violence against indigenous women in the USA and work to increase protection for refugee women and children around the world.

From working to improve maternal health and sexual and reproductive rights, to advocating for girls' opportunities to access to a safe, high-quality education, to highlighting the vulnerabilities women face in war and the value they add to sustainable peace, Amnesty International addresses the rights of all women and girls, in the USA and around the world. Email to be added to the Women's Human Rights Network email list.

Source: Amnesty International


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