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Women and Girls Reaching Their Full Potential

Our Vision Statement: We envision a world in which all girls and women reach their fullest potential for global transformation, holding compassion as our driving force.

In the past 2 days, women have been convening, pulled together by a powerful magnetic force. Perhaps it is a biological tendency to gather, tend and befriend, comfort, share, listen, weep and strategize how to protect our children, communities and our mother Earth. The US election has awoken the world and the uncertainty makes us feel vulnerable and tender. Many are angry, many are baffled, some are righteous, and most are scared. Regardless of your political position, you cannot escape the tension because we are all one human family. We are connected at a deeper level than our politics. Women are feeling an aching in their womb. What if that aching is our own power looking for an outlet for healing?

Marianne Williamson said it clearly, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. It’s in simply knowing this that we can find our authority. The Women and Girls sector, made up of our Partners and served by a global task force and ambassador program, is proving that together we are indeed powerful beyond measure and we have the Charter for Compassion as our most valued tool. Just look at our Women and Girls Partners who are working with fierce compassion to improve conditions for women and girls around the world. Do you belong as a Partner of the Women and Girls sector? Let us know.

As we seek ways to manifest change in the world around us, the Charter for Compassion could not be more relevant than at this time in history. These 4 impeccable paragraphs have proven to be a critical tool for transforming communities and it's a good time to revisit it and remember what we signed up for, especially now, when it's not always comfortable.

Here aret hree upcoming projects and campaigns to look forward to and other ways to get involved

November 17th 9:00 AM PST

“Pick Your Platform and Raise Your Voice- How to manifest your passion, gain more visibility and give your message to the world” Join our Partner Sonali Fiske as she brings us all this empowering and activating call. Space is limited. Register Here.

February 10th We will be hosting a call on the subject of Ending Violence Against Women and Improving Gender Equality with a campaign to bring awareness to our partners working in this field. We are currently working with One Billion Rising to bring you a dynamic and paradigm shattering call.

Are you a Partner that is working on these topics and want to support this call? Would you like to volunteer your time to help us on this campaign? Please contact us!

March 2017 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the United Nations in NY in March 2017
We are proposing a workshop at the Commission on the Status of Women, where more than 5,000 women will ascend on the UN to address our world’s most pressing issues. We are proposing a workshop entitled, “Women Voices: How Fierce Compassion is the Great Catalyst to Accomplish the UN Sustainable Development Goal for Women Equality." However; we cannot make this a reality without your help! We are in need of your gifts, treasures, and resources. We want to send women and girls in leadership to the CSW.

How you can help:
Donate (specify Women and Girls on your donation form)
Donate your Air miles. Contact us.
Donate Hotel Points. Contact us.

Join us in Leadership
Our Global Task Force is working on programs that elevate the Charter for Compassion along with our Partners. We are working on a number of campaigns and bringing them to you soon. We are also listening to our Partners so we invite you to tell us what you are working on so we are sure to include them in our planning. We have a number of opportunities for leadership so please step into your power and join us! We need you.

The Charter Women and Girls Ambassadors are embracing what it means to be in compassionate leadership and listening closely to their community as to how to serve this sector in the highest integrity of service. Are you interested in joining us in leadership? Visit our Ambassadors page..

The Women and Girls sector is helping to expand the edges of your community building.

We invite all City and other Partner organizers to add our logo and awareness of this sector to your campaign to help expand your reach to more organizations that work on behalf of women and girls to join your efforts.

Blog With Us: We strive to provide a place for all voice to be heard. Women and men who have something to say as it relates to our sector are invited to send us your blog post. Send your proposed article to

ww1.2More ways to get involved

We Need interns!

Have some extra time to share your skills and time? We need help in simple research, graphic artists, fundraising, bloggers, social media coordiantors, people to take notes during our calls and on-line meetings.

Host a Salon in your community to raise awareness and funds for the Charter for Compassion International and Women and Girls

For More Information: Contact


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4639619 origGive the gift of compassion!

Since the Charter was launched in 2009, we’ve understood more deeply that every resilient, innovative community, institution or partnership in the world is stitched together with the thread of compassion. In our dangerously polarised world, compassion is the only route to a safe, just, peaceful and viable world.

Your gift is essential to realizing the transformative potential of the Charter for Compassion. Thank you for your support of the Charter for Compassion and the important work that lies ahead.


Karen Armstrong
London, United Kingdom
Charter for Compassion International




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