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Women and Girls Sector

We are proud to announce the Charter for Compassion International’s Women and Girls (WG) sector.

Vision: We envision a world in which all girls and women reach their fullest potential for global transformation, holding compassion as our driving force.

Mission: The mission of the Charter for Compassion Women and Girls sector is to provide a platform that would enable and foster the partnerships of our Charter Partners who encounter and advocate on all issues, such as those related to gender equality, education, feminine leadership,and spirituality. All who explore creative solutions that contribute to promoting the creation of a balanced and peaceful global community are embraced and supported. With our Partners, we aim to co-create healing one heart at a time for swift and regenerative change of our communities and world.

While the Charter for Compassion International previously served our Partners in ten sectors, there is now a space dedicated for advancing the work that amplifies, inspires and catalyzes women and girls. We aim to provide a unique space to collaborate, convene, and honor the dynamic, diverse virtues of what makes feminine leadership necessary at this time in history.

This sector is unique and a complement to the other sectors in that we are held by a Global Task Force of compassionate women from India, Australia, Ireland, Pakistan, and the United States. This team has been meeting for a month on weekly calls to carefully create and nurture the development and growth of this sector, write “her” Vision and Mission Statement, identify our focus areas, and develop programming.

In the spirit of feminine shared leadership and honoring the feminine archetype, we gather, solve problems, exchange ideas and support one another in a unique and a sacred manner. We agree to operate with a collective voice, to listen to our Partners, and pay close attention to the patterns we see through this new, but already thriving organism of the CCI. In this way, we can serve by weaving relationships, share good practices, provide resources that you, our Partners share with us, and programming to amplify our Partner’s work and the work of the Charter.

We invite you to visit our pages within the Charter for Compassion site.

Learn More and Become Involved

Join our Women and Girls Charter launch conference call on August 3, 7 am PDT (check time in your locale when you register). 

Register here.

All who work to elevate women and girls belong in our sector as well as the sector you may currently be listed in. Critical to our full expression is that we co-create a balanced society and work together to solve all of our community’s issues.

We have identified current Partners who seem to be a good fit for this sector and added them to our Partner’s Page as well as kept them in their current sector. We are confident that there are many more Partners who may want to be listed with us, so we invite you to contact Lead WG Ambassador Sande Hart and request to be added. We also invite you to share this sector with women and girls organizations whom are not necessarily a Charter Partner yet but would find a home with this new sector.

For our Compassionate Cities/Communities Partners, we invite you to use our logo on your site and communications to invite more women and girls organizations to expand your own campaigns and community efforts.

Our Image

Compassionate Karachi brought us 2 talented graphic artists who listened to our intentions for this sector and helped us create our own logo. This was our first example of how collaboration, trust, and sisterhood is necessary in our work moving forward.

Why did we choose the colors you see? Orange is the color of the sacral center which is the power center of all women. This orange represents us all holding up and celebrating the infinite power and creativity of all girls and women of the world. The goddess contains the color purple, which is the crown chakra that defines the connection of us all together connected to something bigger than all of us. The divine and love for all is the essence of feminine leadership.We hope this logo inspires something deep within you.

We invite you to share with us your interpretation of our image on join our blog post HERE.

e2a3f54ab44d658f81c644ab4061352eShare Our Treasures and Resources

Your financial support is not only appreciated and honored, it’s paramount to empower us to uplift our Partner’s work in the critical mass of opportunity that the Charter for Compassion is responsible to hold. We recirculate those resources to help us accomplish all of our goals and realize our vision of a world where women and girls are protected, educated and empowered.

If your city or region is not yet a City of Compassion, please contact the Charter to find out how to bring this to your community.

There is much to come and we are dedicated to insuring this sector serves the greatest purpose of the Charter for Compassion and it’s intention to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world. We believe this cannot happen unless women and girls step into our creative power and are in balanced leadership roles in their communities.

How you can participate

The Charter for Compassion is playing in the Compassion Games Global Unity Games!


The Charter for Compassion International is proud to announce we are playing in the Global Unity Games with the Compassion Games International Sept. 11-21, 2016. The Charter is a recipient of the Corporation for National & Community Service grant by Service for Peace as part of the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance.

We challenge you to join us in a global event to elevate compassion, kindness and altruism in unprecedented unified action! Play by yourself, or organize a team. Contact Team organizers Sande Hart for more information. View the Unity Games Video here. Game On!

Thank you for your commitment to creating a culture of kindness and compassion and we hope you will join us in our vision to elevate women and girls for global transformation.

Sande Hart

The Charter for Compassion Women and Girls Global Task Force

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