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 The V2020 Webinar Series anchors the Mother’s Day Proclamation of Peace and the voices of women and girls everywhere by affirming an unofficial 18th Sustainable Goal of self-awareness and personal agency. We are midwifing a new paradigm that must come from the womb and through the voice.

Women and Girls around the world are beginning to decline the invitation of comparison, and instead grab the hand of the woman and girl next to them in solidarity, knowing that we are, and have always been enough. Golden even. The call is to show up with that which only we can bring - that which is uniquely ours. This is where we wake up, where we illuminate, and where we rise!

We are honorably standing upon the shoulders of the suffragists who marched and stood their ground to own and honor their personal agency. We are creating a world where the Charter for Compassion is a beacon of hope, and where Women and Girls from all walks of life can join hands for the great and general interest of Peace.


Being human

The Charter for Compassion Women and Girls Sector presents our Next Conversation:

A Partnership for a Safe and Sacred Now: A Conversation for Changing Times

February 17, 2021 9am-11am , Pacific time

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"While the world focuses on a variety of anti-violence efforts, Women & Girls are exploring the conversation through the lens of Partnerism and the question "what else is possible beyond our current narratives?"

If we do not want violence in our world, what do we want? This is our guiding inquiry.

If the driving force of violence is domination, perhaps the invitation is to explore partnership? If the result of violence is pain and trauma, perhaps it's safety we require to heal? If violence creates profanity, might an exploration of our innate sacredness be the medicine?

What are your thoughts? How do we create a new narrative of what it means to be human? We do not know, so we wish to open the dialog of discovering A Partnership for a Safe and Sacred NOW.

We invite you to join us in this conversation as we gather together at the roundtable asking people the same question. HOW do we human well? Might it begin with COMPASSION first? Bring your hopes and dreams and creative ideas. What does a safe and sacred world feel like to you? Look like to you? We wish to know."



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