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Women + Girls

Women and Girls Ambassadors & Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Ambassador for the Women and Girls sector of the Charter for Compassion.

The role of the Ambassador is a select opportunity, open to leaders who are involved and invested in the Charter for Compassion movement and working within the Women and Girls sector.

Want to become an Ambassador of CfC Women and Girls? Learn about the program below and apply.



  • Anchor the Charter For Compassion and the Women and Girls sector in your community.
  • Participate in and bring Charter-wide Programs to the localized community.
  • Attend local events as an Ambassador to CFC, bring the Charter to your organization or activities.
  • Recognize opportunities in your community to invite new Partners to join the Charter for Compassion.
  • Familiarize/connect with local Partners of Compassion in their area.
  • Participate in the Annual and Seasonal Compassion Games
  • Participate in events in your community that are part of a city/communities initiative and/or co-sponsored or sponsored by CFC WG.
  • Submit stories and activities that serve the Women and Girls sector.
  • Host a Salon*
  • Help to identify possible donor relations and opportunities.
  • Participate on Xocial Charter for Compassion Channel.
  • Co-create a City/Region of Compassion.
  • Help to identify possible donor relations and opportunities.
  • Participate in and bring Charter-wide Programs to the localized community.
  • Connect with City of Compassion organizers (if applicable) as the representative of Women and Girls sector to help expand their initiative.
  • Support, promote and/or participate in our various webinar series and Task Forces.
  • Encourage others to Like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter.
  • Help to identify possible donor relations and opportunities.

The Women and Girls Ambassador Weekly Group Setting Meetings

  • Meet in the weekly group settings to reflect on what’s happening in their community, hear about CFC programs to bring back to their community, and inform and advise the Global Task Force with ideas and information.
  • Explore together ways to bring the Charter for Compassion to their community.
  • Receive Leadership opportunities, tools, resources, special trainings and coaching unique to only Ambassadors to bring more compassion and compassion focused efforts to their community.
  • Learn about Charter-wide programs to engage in and participate in localized communities.


  • We promote the mission and values of the CFC in bringing about a compassionate, just, equitable, peaceful and sustainable world.
  • We raise awareness about the global compassion movement by mobilizing networks to come together on the issues affecting their communities, and the world at large.
  • We are a resource for CFC and communicate quickly when receiving information.

Code of Ethics

  • We build trust at all times.
  • We listen and speak with respect.
  • We act with integrity, honesty and compassion.
  • We respect the individual and his/her culture and faith.
  • We contribute to a climate of open and honest communication.

Code of Respect

  • We hold CFC business in confidence and do not publish non-public information without proper authorization.
  • We hold communications from other Ambassadors in confidence.
  • We support one another and refrain from gossip.
  • We address problems by talking to the person who can do something about it, rather than complain.
  • We respond to Ambassador emails within 48 hours, including accepting or declining our attendance at conference calls and online meetings.

Please join us by completing the Ambassador Application.

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