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Map of Co-Creators

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-Step Procedures:

If you feel more comfortable in walking through procedural steps before registering refer to steps below.  If not, use the link above to get started.


1) Click on the Map Link or button! 

You'll find them here:



2) The map opens up and shows your location, you can zoom in and out either with two fingers on your touchpad or by using the +/- buttons at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. When using a touchpad you can move up/down, left and right using only one finger:



3) Click on Register on the top right-hand corner:


You can choose if you want to register as yourself or as an organization. Just fill-in the information you want to share with others in the community. Remember: others will only see your name, organization name and website, but no other personal information is provided to anyone. Then, choose the primary and personal interests from the list that you and/or your organization are most aligned with.

Once you click the OK button, an email will be sent you to confirm its you that Registered.

It says:

A new person has been registered on the "Map of Co-creators" with your email address.

If this registration was made by you, please verify your registration by clicking here: Register

If you want to change your profile, please Deregister and Register again with the updated information.

If this registration was not made by you, please disregard this email.

Best regards from

The Support Team for the "Map of Co-creators"

You must click on Register, that will take you back to the Map and your “pin” will be there!!


4) You can use the Filter on the left-hand top corner to find like-minded like-hearted people and organizations near you and in other parts of the world!




5) You can contact them through the map, by clicking on their pin, choosing select and using the send invitation that appears on the top right-hand corner. You can select as many pins as you like!




Please remember to use this map to:

  • Receive email invitations from people who want to co-create a better world with you. (Your email address will not be known to the sender, and you have no obligation to reply.)
  • Invite others on the Map who may be interested in co-creating a better world with you. (Your email address will be displayed to allow the receivers to reply to you.)
  • Appearing as a co-creator on this Map is an invitation to participate in perhaps the greatest adventure of all time … co-creating the society that all of our hearts desire … birthing Paradise on Earth.



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