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For your Reflection

Our most powerful response to the horror in Israel and Palestine is to refuse to surrender our humanity.

You will be told by some: The deaths of Israeli children are unfortunate but inevitable, because Israel’s occupation of Palestine is brutal and wrong.

You will be told by others: The deaths of Palestinian children are unfortunate but inevitable, because it is the only way to keep Israel safe from terror, and Hamas brought this on its own people. 

Both will say: Our aggression is the only response to their aggression, our fear more justified than their fear, our grief more devastating than theirs ever will be. 

But oh my love, the hierarchy of pain is the old way. The moment we allow our hearts to go numb is the moment we shut down our humanity. 

I don’t know the solution to the conflict in Israel and Palestine, but I do know the starting point: To grieve “their” children as our children. 

It’s the only way to break the cycle.


~ Valarie Kaur



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