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Let's Get Real, My Friends

Group of hands piled in the center as a team, with the title: Let's Get Real, My Friends.

Sticky note on top of a clock with the message Take Action Now

Let's get real, my friends. Why did you sign the Charter? Was it to wish the world were a better place for everyone? If so, without getting involved in making the wish real, it is truly like "wishing on a star." Listed below are four opportunities for involvement. Please consider them, we want you to make a sincere effort to start engaging with us over the next years. These options all begin with you, then move on to acquiring skills that help you work with others, and finally, with the support of others, to begin to solve the real problems in our own backyards. From there, we network and help others. It's time. Do something; for yourself, your loved ones and make your wish come true. The offerings below will help you get there.

  1. Compassion Training for Busy People: This is a 5-week course on self-reflection and action. Start by reflecting on your own actions and attitudes towards compassion. How can you embody compassion in your daily life? Take tangible steps to integrate compassion into your thoughts, words, and actions. This course begins on June 6, and will happen every Thursday until July 11. (No class on July 4).
  2. Empathic Dialogue Cafes: Develop your ability to empathize and connect with others. Participate in workshops, trainings, or discussions that focus on compassion, mindfulness, and empathy. Cultivate a deeper understanding of different perspectives and experiences. Every first Tuesday of the month: May 7, June 4, July 2.
  3. Wicked Issues: Take action in your own community. Identify pressing issues that require compassionate solutions, whether it's homelessness, poverty, discrimination, or environmental degradation. Work collaboratively with local organizations and individuals to address these challenges. This course begins May 21 and lasts 6 weeks.
  4. Peace by 2030: Extend your impact beyond your immediate surroundings. Connect with other members of the Charter for Compassion community and beyond. Share your experiences, insights, and resources to support and inspire one another in our collective pursuit of a more compassionate world. The last informational meeting is on May 8, and the game begins on May 15.


Other items for inclusion

Launching Artistic Bridges: Youth (ages 5-18) possess a unique lens through which they view the world—a lens unfiltered by prejudice, full of imagination, and brimming with untapped wisdom. The Artistic Bridges project aims to provide a platform where art, be it songs, spoken word, film, dance, or any other form, becomes a powerful medium to express young dreams, hopes, and perspectives. Learn more about this project here.

Do You Want to be in a Webinar? The Charter for Compassion is seeking individuals who have been involved in protests and civic movements, particularly in light of recent events on college and university campuses, for an upcoming webinar. The goal of this event is to reflect on global social justice movements and offer lessons learned that can empower today’s youth. We are especially interested in participants from various countries who have historically contributed to such movements, as we explore these insights together. Email us: