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Understanding Contemporary Slavery

Date: February 5th. Self Directed Learning Course leading to a certificate through the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom


The Course

Are you interested in learning more about modern slavery? This could be for your work, school, further academic study, perhaps you’d like to inform your activism.

You may already know a lot about this complex issue, but would like to fill in some gaps in your understanding or you may have no prior knowledge of it at all. Either way, Understanding Contemporary Slavery is an online open course designed to help you.

Covering both academic research and practical aspects of modern slavery, this course was developed by the University of Nottingham, one of the leading institutions on contemporary slavery research, in collaboration with Freedom United, the world’s largest anti-slavery community.

Understanding Contemporary Slavery covers the following topics:

  • Detailed introduction to different forms of slavery, definitions, perspectives and attempts to measure the incidence of slavery around the world today
  • Looking to the ‘usable past’ – the historical origins of slavery and lessons we can draw from abolitionists’ tactics
  • National solutions for ending slavery covering laws, policies, and community mobilization
  • Survivor voices both in history and their role leading contemporary anti-slavery movements
  • Supply chains, worker mobilization and consumer action as well as exploring links between slavery and the environment.

You can take the course on your own time. We estimate that you’ll need approximately 15-20 hours to complete.



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