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Music as a Pathway to Unity

Date: February 6th - 12th, World Interfaith Harmony Week

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During World Interfaith Harmony Week, and in the month of February in 2022, many in the world will focus on our common humanity—explore grave issues that we share and for which we need to find solutions. Special dialogues will occur between groups of different faiths and those opposed to organized religion to search for paths of understanding. Religious and spiritual practices will be shared and experienced, and each participating individual in these practices can expect to be enriched and changed and come closer to realizing that our similarities are stronger and more prevalent than our differences.

This year to celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week (2022), we decided to extend our offering beyond a day, week, month or even a year. We have assembled a compilation of music from many of the world’s religious traditions, and have added into the mix some reflective songs that challenge our current thinking, spur emotions and provide avenues for reflection and contemplation. Given the nearly four hours of collected music in total, you most probably will want to divide it into sections, and listen to the playlist in intervals. We decided not to categorize the songs into types or styles, religious traditions, geographic areas of the world, but rather to adhere to the true spirit of interfaith. The offerings have been blended, moving from hymn to chant, individual artists to chorale renditions. Learn More Here!



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