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Vegan Convergence of the Parties

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

VEGAN Convergence of the Parties V-COP8

Date: January 29, 9 am PST thru January 30, 7 pm PST

We will begin with a Rainbow Food and Rainbow People Veganuary 30 Day Vegan Whole Food Support program on Jan 1 and culminate in the V-COP8 convergence on Jan 29-30. 

During V-COP8, we are hosting presentations on the 7 Strategic Actions to advance the realization of a just and fair world for all beings by 2026!:

  1. Education, education, education
  2. Transitioning the System
  3. Food Healers
  4. Vegan Governance
  5. Vegan Economy
  6. Vegan Spirituality
  7. Vegan Ecology



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