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Annual Compassion Days

23 Days of Compassion 2023

It’s that time of the year at the Charter again, when Spring arrives, and with new beginnings and transformations in mind, we turn our attention and efforts to the “Days of Compassion” prior to Golden Rule Day on April 5.

Last year, in 2022, we opted for a program of 22 Days of Compassion. This year, 2023, we are offering 23! 

Our approach is a little different this year as well. Last year we shared presentations from partner organizations showcasing their incredible work based on Compassionate values seen in the actual Charter for Compassion document.

This year we want the “23 Days of Compassion” to be an experiential inner journey, serving anyone up for the challenge, to become more acquainted with exploring Compassion and what that will bring up for each of us personally. As we experience these 23 days, we will delve deeper into issues that could be addressed and alleviated with Compassion.

This year we are teaming up with Xocial, an interactive online platform that will keep track of the challenges you have completed, make it a fun activity to get points, and maybe a gift or two…!

On Monday March 13th visit The Social Impact Games, create your account, and join 23 Days of Compassion from PLAY GAMES! We'll have prizes for our top do-gooders and lots of amazing impactful and fun challenges to complete while we use Competitive Kindness to inspire each other and measure our impact!


Join us for a daily challenge, and if you wish to, share your thoughts and progress daily on Facebook or Instagram or TikTok. As you may know, the Charter has a strong presence on Social Media, and we want to use that to create wide virtual ripples of compassion! As each of us explore compassion and look deeper inside ourselves, the sharing of our experiences might provide inspiration to others to join us in a challenge and become more compassionate. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok and make sure you follow us on your favorite platforms.

The daily challenges might include practicing meditation, watching a video, writing down your thoughts, having a conversation with someone about compassion and what it means to you, as well as simpler actions that can keep you more connected with us and the compassionate movement worldwide! We very much hope you and your friends will join us in the virtual world of social media and record yourself sharing your thoughts (all instructions are on this page!)

If you would like to receive daily reminders of the challenges, please fill out this form to be included and receive daily emails with the Challenge of the Day.


You may also just follow this page and our blog, for the daily entry and challenges.

To help us find your videos and posts, please tag the Charter and use the Hashtags #Compassion and #23DaysofCompassion!


DAY 1 - March 13: Compassion

Social Media Daily Challenge
Record yourself answering: What is Compassion? What would a world aware of compassion look like?


DAY 2 - March 14: Compassion

Social Media Daily Challenge
Do Common Humanity Meditation and then record yourself and share your feelings on it


DAY 3 - March 15: Self-Compassion

Social Media Daily Challenge
Record yourself answering: What is self compassion to you? How do you practice self compassion?


DAY 4 - March 16: Self-Compassion

Social Media Daily Challenge
Write a self-compassion letter using the guidelines found here: Self Compassionate Letter - record yourself reading it or sharing your thoughts of the process


DAY 5 - March 17: Golden Rule

Social Media Daily Challenge
Watch Karen Armstrong's TED talk on "Let's Revive the Golden Rule" and then Record yourself sharing your thoughts on the golden rule.

Other Challenge
Visit Golden Rule Project: Formulations and pick some formulations of the Golden Rule and share them in a video or social media post


DAY 6 - March 18: GoldenRuleism

Social Media Daily Challenge
Record yourself reading and then answering: With the Understanding of the Golden Rule - how do you feel about the following statement: (insert goldenrulesim)? How can you practice GoldenRuleism in your life? Golden Rule Day - Goldenruleism


DAY 7 - March 19: Compassion for All Animals

Social Media Daily Challenge
Go vegan today! Share what you eat, how you feel, and if you'd do it again on a video.


DAY 8 - March 20: Business

Social Media Daily Challenge
What are three or more things a business would have to do to be considered a “compassionate business”? What would that look like?


DAY 9 - March 21: Community Service

Social Media Daily Challenge
Do something today that you think would Improve and connect you more to your community.


DAY 10 - March 22: Education

Social Media Daily Challenge
Read and affirm the Charter for Compassion or watch the video and sign the Charter and then share your thoughts/feelings in video or a post on social media.


DAY 11 - March 23: Education

Social Media Daily Challenge
What would a compassionate school look like to you? What are some things that would make it compassionate? - record yourself or make a post about it and share your thoughts


DAY 12 - March 24: Environment

Social Media Daily Challenge
Go on a walk or Hike and bring a bag with you and pick up trash if you see any.


DAY 13 - March 25: Environment

Social Media Daily Challenge
Think of a small action that you can take today that can interconnect and benefit the natural enviroment close to home and share this action as widely as you can on social media


DAY 14 - March 26: Government

Social Media Daily Challenge
What would a compassionate government look like? Think from local to national and even worldwide. All thoughts welcome.


DAY 15 - March 27: Health

Social Media Daily Challenge
Do some physical activity. Go on a walk, go on a run, hit the gym - record yourself while doing it, and share your thoughts on the importance of being active for better health


DAY 16 - March 28: Interfaith

Social Media Daily Challenge
Watch "My Wish: The Charter for Compassion" Ted talk by Karen Armstrong and then record yourself sharing your thoughts, or sharing bits of what you liked.


DAY 17 - March 29: Peace

Social Media Daily Challenge
Visit UN SDGs: Goals and learn about the SDGs - share on social media which ones are some of the most importants to you and why, and what are you going to do about it.


DAY 18 - March 30: Social and Restorative Justice

Social Media Daily Challenge
Spend 5 minutes researching & thinking about what Social and Resotative Justice is, and means to you. Connect your new understanding to a local issue/theme and think about any small direct actions you can take & promote, using compassion as your guide. Share as widely as you can and seek feedback.

Other Challenge
If you haven't registered to vote, and you are of age to vote. Register. If you haven't, help others to do so! Check with your friends, family, etc.


DAY 19 - March 31: Gratitude

Social Media Daily Challenge
Come up with a list of anything and everything youa re grateful for and record yourself sharing some of those items on your list and how you felt after this gratitude exercise.

Other Challenge
Watch this TED Talk: Gratitude by Louie Schwarzbergand share your thoughts on a social media post or video.


DAY 20 - April 1: Gratitude

Social Media Daily Challenge
Call/text 5 people you are grateful for, and tell them why. Share your thoughts and feelings after having that moment with them.


DAY 21: April 2: Forgiveness

Social Media Daily Challenge
Read and practice the 9 Steps to Forgiveness - record yourself and share your process.

Other Challenge
Do you need to apologize for something? Read and execute "Making an Effective Apology" and then record yourself sharing your experience


DAY 22 - April 3: Interconnectedness

Social Media Daily Challenge
Learn the story of someone different than you. Someone of a different nationality, different religion, immigration status, sexuality, race… Learn their story. Acknoledge the difference, and see the similarities. Share your expereince on social media. Any insights?


DAY 23 - April 4: Kindness

Social Media Daily Challenge
Do the Loving Kindness Meditation and then record youself sharing your thoughts and feelings after it.



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