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Annual Compassion Days

Compassion for All Animals

Photo by Julian Schiemann on Unsplash

We are all on a journey to being more compassionate and putting that compassion into action. Please join the Charter's efforts to expand our circle of compassion to include all animals - not just our furry friends who live in our homes and apartments. Make a pledge to try eating a plant-based diet.

Start with Meatless Mondays, then add in another day each week, and slowly build up until you are vegan 5 or 6 days a week. Once you have practiced meal planning, meal prepping, and eating out while vegan, take the last step and go completely vegan.

Do it for the animals.

Do it for your health.

Do it for our planet.

Pledge to show compassion for all animals. Consider trying a plant-based diet - if even for a few days a week. Make the Pledge here!



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